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"After 30 years being absent from the saddle, I could not have found a better barn to pursue my passion. Cassie and Arliss are a great team, always working together to have you improve your riding skills and general horsemanship. They have the knowledge and expertise for the beginner riders and also provide the coaching and training environment for the competitive riders and horses. The barn is well-run and the facility has everything you need. I wouldn't hesitate recommending Thorbrooke Equestrian" Sandra, Surrey

"It's a very nice, professional facility, at a charming location with easy access to trails. People are lovely, the atmosphere is always friendly and supportive. Cassie, Arliss and their children are awesome, they truly care about the horses and the riders, no matter what level you are on. I was not planning to buy a horse, but I fell in love with one here, Cassie and Arliss went above and beyond to help with everything. Definitely my happy place." Petra, Vancouver

"I've been riding with Cassie and Arliss for about 2 years now. I gravitated towards them because I needed a coach (or two!) who would understand that with my chronic pain I need encouragement, compassion, and the right amount of push, without being too pushy. I found that with Cassie and Arliss. They always communicate with me and ask if I'm comfortable doing more or we tone down what I am doing in the lesson. Having said that, they do push me to be a more effective rider and educated horse person. For all those things, I am truly grateful." Carissa, Langley

"I have been at this barn since Nov 2020 and I have learned so much. I honestly think Cassie and Arliss are the best coaches I have ever had. Everyone at the barn is friendly and helpful.

Top notch training! This is my happy place." Avril, Langley

"I have been in Cassie & Arliss's lesson program since January 2020 and I have grown so much in the sport that I love. I have ridden horses all my life but was never taught properly and developed a lot of bad habits in my earlier years. They've taught me from the ground up, teaching not only riding skills and techniques but ground work and the principles of horsemanship and safety. They both have a natural feel for connecting with horses. Cassie was amazing and offered me her help and expertise when I bought my mare and ensured everything went smoothly. She took care of me and arranged everything including the transportation and vetting the horse. My mare has been in their training program since September 2020 and is continuing to excel and gain more confidence everyday. Cassie & Arliss are truly dedicated to their students and help us achieve the best for ourselves. The atmosphere at Thorbrooke is very relaxed and supportive. Thorbrooke feels like home and is the best part of my week!" Amber, Langley

 "I have taken lessons with Cassie over the last several years and they have always been amazing! Cassie is great at personalizing her teaching style to be exactly what you need as an individual. I have seen her use different techniques with different people to build capable and confident riders in everyone that she coaches. " Becky, Regina

"I've had the privilege of taken lessons with Cass & Arliss for eventing. My dressage & jumping scores are constantly increasing. They have always been professional, knowledgeable, kind & will be sadly missed. We are loosing a valuable team in Saskatchewan. Best of luck with your endeavors & hopefully we'll see you next year! Thank you for showing me & taking me to the next level!!" Tabitha, Saskatoon

 "I recently spent four days training with Cassie and Arliss. Cassie is an incredible and patient teacher who is firm but encouraging, pushing or stepping back as needed. She got the very most out of both me and my young guy. I went from being nervous to ride him, to jumping a line with an oxer in four days! I feel completely comfortable taking my young guy home to continue to work. I built a real trust for Cassie and what she suggests. My horse was encouraged as much as I was, with Cassie demanding I reward him enthusiastically for small steps as much as the big ones. He fed off that and built his confidence and steadiness very quickly. Cassie has such a wealth of knowledge to draw on. She comes to lessons prepared but can also adapt quickly to what is happening in the moment. She gives you tangible, helpful tools for your riding toolbox. She was also honest and skillful with identifying a weakness in my horse's confirmation so that I can realistically take him forward in the best health possible.I only took two brief lessons with Arliss but I really appreciated his calm demeanor when things were not going as ideally as hoped. He was able to work me through a challenging lesson with specific exercises and persistence without being condescending. I wholeheartedly recommend. They legitimately want the best for you and your horse and work towards making both horse and rider the best they can be. " Kyla, Saskatoon

    " Cassie and Arliss provide differing but complimentary styles, both in coaching and training. This breadth and depth of knowledge and experience means that they are able to work with such a wide range of horses and riders, that there truly is something for everyone. For me personally they have helped me develop as rider, taking this nervous older rider, with a lifetime of bad habits, and helping her achieve success at 2nd Level in Western Dressage. They have been patient, encouraging, and darn right direct when needed, a successful combination.I have seen many horse and rider combinations blossom under their care, and finding the right horse and rider pairing is another skill that Cassie has. If you are looking to improve your skill set, from beginner to serious competition rider, this will be the ones to go to." Denny, Indian Head

"A very clean professionally ran business. Horses are all well looked after and Cassie and Arliss are very warm and friendly and easy to talk to people. We had bought a horse from them earlier this spring and everything went lovely. The horse was exactly what they had said. She is my daughters new best friend." Jennifer, Ontario 
"I have know Cassie and Arliss now for 3 years. I have been to 3 Dressage clinics there and also 3 summer series. They are very professional and run a clean, tight ship. I have learned so much from Cassie's coaching techniques. The people boarding at the barn are also very nice and helpful. I would definitely recommend this facility for coaching and a good place to compete and learn in western and english flat and jumping disciplines." Donelda, Moose Jaw
"In less than 3 years of coaching, Cassie took me (as an adult re-rider) from being nervous to canter and do cross rails, to winning hunters, dressage, 1.0 m jumping classes, and a jumper medal. Not only has she taught me how to ride better, she has taught me how to train my own horses and solve my own problems. Arliss put work on one of my first horses, but also started a very difficult horse from scratch for me. He is now my most calm and reliable horse. Can't say enough good things about this place, I have learned so much here and am grateful for all the opportunities they have given me. Would recommend them for coaching, training, boarding or just hanging out and having a great time!" Leanne, Mclean
"After moving onto my new acreage 2 years ago, I felt a little isolated and I missed having a "barn family". Cassie and Arliss welcomed me with open arms. Arliss helped me extensively with starting my filly last summer and I am ever so grateful for the knowledge, dedication and patience he showed me while he taught me the ins and outs of starting a young horse. The way he trains is so kind and patient and I am so happy I learnt from him! I have also been taking jumping lessons with Cassie on my other horse and I'm always so excited to see what she has planned for us! Her exercises are so unique and fun and there's always a new an exciting activity planned to keep both horse and rider interested and stimulated. I really could go on forever with how great this facility is! I highly recommend them!" Jessica, Qu'Appelle
"We have been here for a little over a year now and love it. Cassie and Arliss are great to deal with and provide a wonderful positive experience every time. They really are a teaching center and are so willing to share their knowledge and experiences with lessons, ground work, horse health, and buying and selling horses. They want you to succeed in your goals and truly care about you and your horse." Donna, Balgonie
"Great atmosphere and a wonderful lesson program. My horses love their program and love their home! It's my happy place!!" Jacquie, Pilot Butte

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