We can help you and your horse to grow and develop to your full potential! Each program is tailored to each individual horse. Full time training (5 days a week) is great for owners serious about their horses education. Owners see consistent results and horses are happy to be worked with on a regular basis. Jumping average 2 days a week, ground manners, pole work, flat work, trails (when weather is good), and hauling out to events (extra cost for haul outs may apply) is all part of the program to give the horse a well rounded education.

 Fees include indoor or outdoor board. Fees start as low as $1340.00. Extra charges for farrier, vet, teeth, body work, etc. .

For our owners with a hectic life that aren't always able to get out to the barn we find the part time program (1-3 days a week) works wonders to keep both horse and rider sane and happy. The part time program is flexible for each horse and owner. Also nice for young horses that are not needing a full program yet. 

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